RAVEL Complete Orchestral Works 4795524

Lionel Bringuier's Zurich forces play superbly and are beautifully recorded . . . The concertante works are neatly done too: Yuja Wang and Bringuier understand the left-handed concerto's dark swagger, and they're up with the best in the G major's jazzy outer movements . . . "Ma mère l'Oye"'s sublime conclusion glows.

. . . [Wang brings] dazzling virtuosity . . . in both concertos the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra under Lionel Bringuier are spot-on in Gallic polish, piquancy and rhythmic precision . . . [Ravel / "Daphnis et Chloé"]: Bringuier has the overall sweep and the detail of the score at his fingertips: he does not disappoint when it comes to establishing contrasts of colour or, for example in the "Danse generale" of Part 1, finding that elastic, almost conversational quality . . . [this is] an interpretation in which characterisation is vivid and the narrative graphically and sympathetically told . . . [on "Tzigane", Ray Chen posseses] the right technical arsenal and also has the diabolical temperament and gypsy flair to carry the day . . . Bringuier's ear for style and mood, shaping and phrasing, together with the orchestra's ready response . . . gives this set the edge over its competitors . . .

. . . excellent . . . Bringuier brings a freshness and vivacity to the famous Bolero . . . Yuja Wang gives spectacular accounts of Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major and Piano Concerto in D major . . . Highly recommended.

Performances are clean and beautifully structured . . . Bringuier secures crisp results from a quality orchestra, with brisk no-nonsense playing. Yuja Wang in the piano concertos is one of the highlights and the sound is lucid and well-balanced with excellent detail and a wide dynamic range.

Performances are clean and beautifully structured . . . Bringuier secures crisp results from a quality orchestra, with brisk no-nonsense playing. Yuja Wang in the piano concertos is one of the highlights, and the sound is lucid and well balanced, with excellent detail and a wide dynamic range.

We get a sharply etched "Ma mere l'oye" that feels more dramatic and story-like than any account I recall recently. There's a danceable lilt to the "Valses nobles et sentimentales", minus the dreamy sway that so easily turns the rhythm vague and shapeless. What all of this tells me is that Bringuier is out to make a distinctive impression. In that he has succeeded . . . He gets the Zurich Tonhalle to sound as French as anyone could wish . . . Bringuier turns "Daphnis" into a dramatized tone poem, without a nod to the dance. It's exciting, brash, and a real eye-opener . . . I was captivated . . . [violinist Ray Chen] is soloist in the orchestrated version of "Tzigane". His bravura technique is unarguable, and every attack is forceful . . . excellent recorded sound, heard as a download, is a major asset . . . For its freshness and surges of passion, I liked Bringuier's approach far more often than I felt disappointed. Recommended for anyone who wants Ravel to greet the morning.

Yuja Wang gives a performance of the Left Hand Concerto that is both brilliant and powerful, with some delicate moments in between . . . The full ballet version of "Daphnis et Chloe" benefits from the Tonhalle's warm acoustic and, like all the discs, from some excellent woodwind playing: this is the most satisfying performance in the box.

. . . die Zürcher Gesamteinspielung lädt auch zu Entdeckungen ein . . . Mit der Solistin Yuja Wang hat man für die Aufnahme eine Pianistin dafür gefunden, deren Stil demjenigen Bringuiers gleicht. Sportlicher Zugriff, technische Virtuosität mit einem Flair für Tempi an der oberen Grenze. Ein kühles Kontrastieren etwa in den Lautstärkeunterschieden, bis hin zur kontrollierten Explosion. Da wird erzählt, was das Zeug hält, was die Musik hergibt.

So luftig, so beschwingt und so vielschichtig hört man Ravel selten, von Behäbigkeit oder dick aufgetragenen Pastelltönen keine Spur. Mit dem Violinisten Ray Chen und der Pianistin Yuja Wang konnte man darüber hinaus zwei jugendlich frische Solisten gewinnen, die sich hervorragend ins Gesamtbild einfügen. Eine rundum gelungene Gesamteinspielung "aus einem Guss".

Voilà une première somme orchestrale dont tout jeune chef pourrait etre particulièrement fier, enregistré par un label prestigieux dont chaque volet enregistré séparément, compose aujourd'hui cette intégrale captivante . . . [Lionel Bringuier] affirme ici dans les champs ravéliens, une tension ciselée souvent irrésistible . . . [ce sont] les pages purement orchestrales, nécessitant lyrisme, détail, feu dramatique qui confirment le tempérament du directeur musical . . . [tous] montrent la complicité évidente entre chef et instrumentistes . . . ["Le tombeau de Couperin"] offre un beau festin de couleurs instrumentales . . . ["La valse"]: la direction en serait non seulement magistrale mais réellement captivante . . . le contenu de cette première saison zürichoise de Lionel Bringuier, audacieux defenseur de la musique francaise s'impose à nous avec force et éclat.

L'enthousiasme du chef transparait bien dans l'élan des phrasés, parfois irrésistible. "Tzigane", entrainé par l'archet fiévreux de Ray Chen, s'achevé dans un véritable tourbillon de couleurs roumaines, la "Danse générale" du premier tableau de "Daphnis et Chloé", où affleurent le désir et la maladresse, vibre d'une belle impatience . . . On admire ainsi le frisson espiègle qui parcourt la "Feria" de la "Rhapsodie espagnole", au relief bien dessiné . . . moments très réussis, un chef attachant et un "Tzigane" auquel on reviendra . . .