STRAVINSKY Messe Les Noces Bernstein


Messe · Mass · Messa

Les Noces · Bauernhochzeit
The Wedding
Mory · Parker · Mitchinson
Hudson · Argerich · Francesch
Katsaris · Zimerman
English Bach Festival Chorus
Trinity Boys' Choir
English Bach Festival Orchestra
Leonard Bernstein
Int. Release 05 Apr. 1988
0289 423 2512 8
CD ADD 0289 423 2512 8 GC
20th-Century Classics

Track List

Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971)
Les Noces

Première Partie

Deuxième Partie

Anny Mory, Patricia Parker, John Mitchinson, Paul Hudson, Martha Argerich, Krystian Zimerman, Cyprien Katsaris, Homero Francesch, English Bach Festival Percussion Ensemble, Leonard Bernstein, English Bach Festival Chorus


English Bach Festival Orchestra, Members of the, Leonard Bernstein, Trinity Boys Choir, English Bach Festival Chorus

Total Playing Time 44:08

. . . [this most rewarding account by Bernstein is] partnered by an animated vocal quartet and unequalled roster of pianists in Martha Argerich, Krystian Zimerman (barely out of his teens), Cyprien Katsaris and Homero Francesch . . . [this recording] has an irresistible sense of excitement throughout. Bernstein was never better in Stravinsky than in "Les noces" . . .

. . . [Leonard Bernstein] exalte les rythmes et les couleurs, sans craindre l'effusion chaloupee.