CHOPIN Klaviersonate No. 3 Pletnev


Piano Sonata
Sonate pour Piano
Sonata per pianoforte:
No. 3 op. 58

Fantaisie op. 49 ˇ 3 Ecossaises
3 Walzer ˇ Waltzes
3 Etüden ˇ Études
Impromptu op. 29
Mikhail Pletnev
Int. Release 02 Jun. 1997
0289 453 4562 8
CD DDD 0289 453 4562 8 GH

Track List

Frédéric Chopin (1810 - 1849)
12 Etudes, Op. 10

12 Etudes, Op. 25

Piano Sonata No. 3 in B Minor, Op. 58


Mikhail Pletnev

Total Playing Time 1:17:10

. . . Mikhail Pletnev could be my compleat Chopinist . . . Listeners who thought they knew Pletnev's "style" might be surprised, as I was, by the pianist's mostly gentle, carefully mannered Chopin. Gentleness is only one indication of Pletnev's style, which is inward, delicately shifting, and remarkably thoughtful . . . In Pletnev's hands the most familiar waltzes never roll off his fingers. He has the imagination to make every bar sound new again, and just as importantly, his fingers possess fine degrees of touch that are undreamed of by other virtuosos . . . Nothing on this recital sounds conventional. The Fantasy is caressed almost from beginning to end . . . When Pletnev feels reflective or tender, he goes directly to that mood, regardless of how a piece is traditionally played . . . Pletnev instead shows us what imagination is like on the wing. He doesn't take liberties; he liberates the music. If you are attuned to him, you can get lost in the slow, soulful A-Minor Waltz forever . . . The next moment Ecossaise, op. 72/3, is carefree and sparkling, revealing how easily Pletnev encompasses Chopin's brilliant passagework . . . [I make a wholehearted] recommendation of this CD . . . Rarely is beautiful playing married to such an original musical mind.