MOZART Symphonies Nos. 39 + 40 / Abbado


No. 39 · No. 40
Orchestra Mozart
Claudio Abbado
Int. Release 04 Oct. 2011
1 CD / Download
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ARCHIV Produktion
Two Great Symphonies From One Of The Greatest Mozart Conductors Of Our Time

Track List

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Symphony No. 39 in E-Flat Major, K. 543

Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550


Orchestra Mozart, Claudio Abbado

Total Playing Time 1:06:10

. . . . these two masterpieces flow effortlessly . . . Nothing is hurried, and everything has that trademark lyrical sculpting of the line: the opening of No 40 gently shaped to rise and fall, the second violins' chromatic inflection in the first movement return of No 39 perfectly pointed. Every detail tells, and Abbado now repeats the second halves of the finales to thrillng effect. The Orchestra Mozart's sound is not glossy: it has stringy violins and plangent individual woodwind, but they are superb players . . . This is Mozart perfectly in tune with our times.

. . . Abbado pays much attention to instrumental balance, thereby clarifying lines and refining textures . . . by working from within the music, Abbado illuminates the message and carries the listener along with him . . . Here is conducting tied to expressive, imaginative musicianship adding up to the totality of an experience greater than the sum of its parts.

. . . glowing performances by Claudio Abbado and the Orchestra Mozart, in which every phrase and every bar bears his stamp, and seems imbued with a lifetime's wisdom and affection . . . [Symphony no. 39: The trio of the minuet movement] is essentially a Ländler, and by stressing the second bear of the bar in the strings' waltz-like background, Abbado lends it an irresistible Viennese lilt . . . [Symphony no. 40]: he brings out all the music's dramatic urgency . . . In Abbado's hands the Allegro itself is full of Romantic ardour . . . [the finale] has admirable lightness and clarity even in the dense contrapuntal textures of its central development section . . . His hand-picked Orchestra Mozart . . . performs faultlessly throughout. However many recordings of these famous works you already own, you need this one.

Beeindruckend, mit welch jugendlichem Geist der 78-jährige Claudio Abbado gesegnet ist . . . [er entwickelt sich] ständig weiter . . . historisch informiert, mit schlankem Klang und idealer Balance zwischen Streichern und Bläsern. All das ist aber bloß die Basis. Zum beglückenden Ereignis wird diese CD, weil Abbado und sein Orchester inspiriert und voller Animo musizieren.

Claudio Abbado macht Musik in einer anderen Dimension, er steht über den Dingen und in seiner Funktion als Dirigent nahezu außer Zeit und Raum. Die 39. Symphonie schwebt leichtfüßig, anmutig dahin. Die Musik atmet und blüht mit jeder Note auf. Jeder Takt ist durchdacht, und Mozart lässt uns nicht mehr los bis zum vibrierenden, energiegeladenen Finale . . . Nur so kann er das Wogende, die Leichtigkeit und das Grazile der Musik erhalten, einer reinen Musik, wie sie nur Mozart schreiben und Abbado scheinbar umsetzen kann.