SHANKAR Land of Gold

Land of Gold

Int. Release 01 Apr. 2016
1 CD / Download
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Anoushka Shankar (1981 - ), Manu Delago


Anoushka Shankar

Maya Arulpragasam (1975 - ), Charles Smith, Anoushka Shankar (1981 - )
Anoushka Shankar, M.I.A.

Anoushka Shankar (1981 - ), Manu Delago
Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar (1981 - ), Manu Delago, Alev Lenz

Anoushka Shankar, Alev Lenz

Anoushka Shankar (1981 - ), Manu Delago

Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar (1981 - ), Matt Robertson

Anoushka Shankar, Vanessa Redgrave

Anoushka Shankar (1981 - ), Manu Delago

Anoushka Shankar

Total Playing Time 53:35

Anoushka's fingering flowed over the frets . . . she transcended traditional sitar microtones . . . her sitar's sympathetic strings were as powerful as a separate instrument, indeed reflecting perfect tuning and more than dynamic main string attack of a true virtuoso to produce such resonance . . . [her live shows and new LP are] both quality listening experiences.

Her stylistic diversity is matched by the taste and skill with which she blends different genres . . . Shankar's unusually broad command of styles and cultures brings a rare organic quality -- and a seamless sense of artistic craft and synthesis -- to even her most varied work on "Land of Gold" . . . Her subtly effective use of electronics is employed in a manner that enhances, rather than dilutes, her music.

. . . "Land of Gold" is more than experimentation; it is an experience in itself. In response to the current refugee crisis, the album embodies diversity, openness and inclusion at all levels -- from the core quartet, to the artistic collaborations to the organic layers of sounds. It is definitely not one to be missed!

. . . her most striking work yet . . .

Sanctimony generally takes a back seat to empathy in Ms. Shankar's approach . . .

. . . very personal . . . Shankar's sitar weaves around Lenz's voice like a comforting balm . . . The most beautiful track is "Secret Heart", a keening meditation . . . A stimulating listen.

. . . Anoushka makes the instrumentation and sounds of Central Asia palatable on this release . . . you got jazz bassist Larry Grenadier keeping things swinging, and even a dancer, Akram Khan, adds to the rhythmic groove. The melodies are clear and accessible, mixing acoustic with modern electronic to make pieces such as "Last Chance" and "Dissolving Boundaries" both lyrical and moving emotionally.

The overall sound palette is splendid . . . this is a work on a "Joshua Tree"-like scale of imagination. lt is a career-changing milestone for Anoushka Shankar. That simple. That good. That brilliant.

. . . Anoushka Shankar is in possession of jaw-dropping precision and agility, but her latest recording is at least as much a showcase of her sense of melody as it is of her technical mastery . . . she pulls off the difficult feat of making an album that is both enjoyable and expressive . . . "Land of Gold" is not only a powerful statement, but also a fine piece of music that can be appreciated strictly for its beauty.

Sanjeev Shankar's evocative shehnai is heard to particularly telling effect on the haunting "Secret Heart" and hushed "Crossing the Rubicon". Shankar's fluid, vital sitar sits at the centre of it all with enormous subtlety, lending emotional weight to an album of tremendous beauty and rare integrity.

Shankar is an evocative storyteller -- her compositions (co-composed with Manu Delago) are intensely hued with raw emotion. The journey from darkness and uncertainty to light and acceptance is portrayed with a powerful musical drive and in collaboration with many wonderful musicians. The album opens with "Boat to Nowhere" and "Secret Heart" -- two sitar-driven numbers, featuring yearningly poetic cello lines (Caroline Dale) in the first and the dynamic Indian reed instrument shehnai (outstanding Sanjeev Shankar) in the latter . . . the heart of the album is "Remain the Sea" -- featuring heartbreaking poetry of Pavana Reddy, spoken with much feeling (Vanessa Redgrave), and landscaped beautifully with traditional chanting and sitar. In this piece one cannot help but feel the weight of emotion, coupled with responsibility. The mix of Indian classical styles, electronica, jazz and textured soundscapes, has an admirable fluidity. This album makes a difference -- as a social commentary and as a powerful musical creation.

. . . stirring . . . Best of all is the long suite "Crossing the Rubicon", where Shankar does all the stretching.

Mit ihrer Reihe illustrer Gäste, darunter die Rapperin M.I.A., die Singer-Songwriterin Alev Lenz und die Schauspielerin (auch politische Aktivistin) Vanessa Redgrave, hat Anoushka Shankar ein musikalisch vielschichtiges und emotional intensives Album geschaffen, das sich einer gewöhnlichen Genre-Kategorisierung entzieht.

Sie spielt betörend vielseitig Sitar, lädt Leute wie die Schauspielerin Vanessa Redgrave oder die Rapperin M.I.A. als Rezitatorinnen ins Studio und baut um ihre Betroffenheit eine Musik, die indische Perkussion und Linienführungen mit Improvisationen, dem Puls des Herzens und dem Hang-Drum ihres Gegenübers Manu Delano kombiniert.

Sie spielt betörend vielseitig Sitar, lädt Leute wir Schauspielerin Vanessa Redgrave oder die Rapperin M.I.A. als Rezitatorinnen ins Studio und baut um ihre Betroffenheit eine Musik, die indische Perkussion und Linienführungen mit Improvisationen, dem Puls des Herzens und dem Hang-Drum ihres Gegnübers Manu Delano kombiniert.

Rhythmisch verträumt und mit dezentem Gesang wirkt das Album wie ein Soundtrack zu einem traurigen Film, jedoch mit Aussicht auf Happy-End. Es geht um große Veränderungen, kleine Schicksale, den Glauben an Verbesserung und den unbestechlichen Wunsch nach Frieden.

Starke Gefühle prägen "Land of Gold", auf einer Sitar ausgedrückt von Anoushka Shankar und bekräftigt durch ein Ensemble hervorragender Instrumentalisten und Gastkünstler.

Vous aimez la musique classique et la culture indienne? Alors le nouvel album d'Anoushka Shankar, "Land of Gold", est fait pour vous . . . le disque de la désormais célèbre sitariste ne devrait pas manquer de vous faire voyager et réfléchir . . .

Une fois de plus, son mélange musical entre Inde et Occident fait des merveilles. Entourée d'invités de renom . . . la fille du maitre Ravi Shankar déroule ici, sitar en main, des mélodies d'une grande intensité poétique.